Attorney Profiles:

Timothy J. Algiers Areas of Practice: Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Litigation Civil and Criminal and OWI and Traffic

Ian Prust Areas of Practice: Family Law, Municipal Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate Law, Non-Profit

Andrew D. Klopfenstein Areas of Practice: Criminal Matters, Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate

Karen M. Christianson Of Counsel


Firm Overview

The O'Meara Law Firm is a full service general practice law firm with a very broad practice both in and out of court. We are the City Attorney for Hartford and West Bend and the Village Attorney for Hustisford.

We provide superior legal services to individuals and corporations through offices located in West Bend and Hartford. Our sole mission is to reach a successful outcome to your issue.

The O'Meara attorneys recognize our responsibility as community leaders. We actively participate on local boards, and maintain memberships in community organizations, donating legal services and financial resources to non-profit entities in Washington, Dodge, and Ozaukee counties.

Firm History

The O'Meara Law Firm is Washington County's oldest law firm, successfully providing continuous, high-quality service to area residents for more than 130 years. Founded in 1870 by Patrick O'Meara, the firm has built a longstanding tradition of legal excellence throughout Wisconsin. Patrick O'Meara's philosophy was to provide a full-service law firm thus offering his clients the benefit of a wide range of professional legal services.

True to that philosophy, the O'Meara Law Firm continues to practice in over 15 different areas of law, thereby providing our clients with the superior service they deserve. The stability of the firm is not only reflected in its attorneys, but also in the years of service of its support staff, the best non-lawyer support staff in the county.

This long history of excellence continues today.

The Team at O'Meara Law Firm

Attorney Tim Algiers (Packer cap) was there to Catch Aaron Rodgers

doing his First Lambeau Leap!

Attorney Andy Klopfenstein (smiling face above helmet at 2 o'clock)

Celebrates a Packer TD and Lambeau Leap, as the Pack whips the Bears!